May 19, 2005
10 New Things My Son Has Been Doing Lately...

  1. 1. Eating Sunscreen
  2. 2. Putting the pump end of my lotion in his ear and being about 2 seconds from actually delivering creamy moisture to his inner ear
  3. 3. Taking everything out of the wicker basket I use to hold his 'living room' toys and crawling in to read a good board book
  4. Turning basket (see # 3) on its side and standing up on it, completely oblivious to the creaks of the wicker, which scream "I'm going to break and your head is going to hit the floor and sound like the thump of a melon!"
  5. Scooting all of the dining room chairs out from their place at the table (we have hardwood, so it's pretty easy to do) and moving them to new, better places. i.e. in front of the door, in the living room, in the hall, etc.
  6. Climbing anything he can reach, which thankfully isn't much (yet!)
  7. Throwing his bottle or plate to the floor in a resounding crash, which appears to be his very own baby sign for 'done'. It's actually quite effective...
  8. Throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get his way
  9. Throwing a tantrum when gets his way, but not quickly enough to suit him
  10. Tucking mommy in. When I collapse in exhaustion to the floor to watch him play, he goes to his crib and gets his blanket and blanky (this bear thing he sleeps with) and brings them to me, covers me up (kind of), gives me a hug, and goes back to playing. Ahhhh...