May 1, 2005
100 Things About Slush
  1. I love being a SAHM. Except on days when I really hate being a SAHM
  2. I love to travel
  3. I have recently been obsessed with moving to Hawaii
  4. I've been so obsessed, my sweet husband has even considered joining the military- that's the only way we could afford it
  5. I adore France
  6. I don't so much like the French
  7. On the other hand, I don't hate them or get mad at them, because they are just being French. Really, did anyone expect anything else from them?
  8. I secretly worry my son isn't very smart
  9. I tell him it's ok. He's good- looking, and that can take you a long way in life
  10. Coke is my favorite beverage, treat, snack and vice
  11. I should drink less Coke
  12. I love to read
  13. Especially in the mornings, when the baby is playing in his crib and the husband has gone off to work
  14. I wear glasses, which I hate
  15. I will never feel attractive as long as I wear glasses
  16. As soon as we can afford it, I'm going to beg my husband let me get my eyes lasered
  17. I'm not very good at keeping in touch with old (or new) friends
  18. I prefer to write a letter over making a phone call
  19. My husband is a much nicer person than I am
  20. I have a quirky, dry sense of humor
  21. I have no idea how to control my son
  22. This is getting to be a problem
  23. I adore sewing, but I'm not very good at it
  24. YET
  25. I REALLY enjoy TV
  26. My favorite shows are currently Lost, Alias, Eyes (even though it was cancelled), The 4400, and Scrubs
  27. I can't imagine how we made it through life before we had a TiVo
  28. I fall down a lot
  29. And I bruise really easily
  30. So it usually looks like my husband has been hitting me
  31. He hasn't
  32. I spend hours on EBay looking at antique wax seals and dreaming of the collection I would like to have
  33. To date, I have exactly ZERO in my collection
  34. The cool ones are REALLY expensive
  35. I always thought it would be fun to be part of a circus. They seem like a pretty cool group of people.
  36. When I get to heaven, my mansion (or shack, perhaps, would be more accurate) will be stocked with Coke for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch, and as much chocolate chip cookie dough as I can eat
  37. It's really no wonder I can't lose any weight
  38. I get restless if I don't leave the house often enough
  39. I love Jane Austen
  40. I have trouble spelling 'Austen' correctly. I always want it be 'Austin.' Is that like the town?
  41. In truth, I have trouble spelling many words
  42. My grammar is also slipping
  43. By the time I'm sixty, I may have no grasp of the English language left
  44. I'm now over half- way there
  45. I tend to be a teensy bit melodramatic
  46. Confrontations intimidate me
  47. I prefer to just fume about things to my loved ones instead of attacking those who irritate me
  48. A lot of people really irritate me
  49. Especially people who send their animals to defecate in my yard
  50. I have a weakness when it comes to books. I purchase far more than I need, then I think about and plan ways to purchase more. Especially pretty ones.
  51. I am very uncomfortable in my skin. I don't like to be the center of attention
  52. I can't imagine life sans the internet
  53. My in- laws have a 2- liter of Mr. Pibb in the fridge every time I go visit. We can't get it here, and it makes me feel loved that they go to the trouble.
  54. Of course, I did provide a womb for the most fabulous grandson they could have imagined
  55. I still feel like a little girl when I get my hands on some firecrackers
  56. My favorites are sparklers, snakes, and smoke bombs. Also, those little parachute men.
  57. I grind my teeth at night
  58. If I take magnesium, it makes me stop
  59. I'm getting ready to be the general contractor on our new house
  60. I'm pretty scared
  61. I love shopping at Target, but I hardly ever do so
  62. My favorite food is Indian food, specifically Chicken Tikka Masala
  63. Also, steak, because you can't go wrong with a good hunk of cow
  64. About 30 minutes before my husband gets home from work, I do the vast majority of house cleaning which gets done on any given day.
  65. Obviously, I NEED deadlines
  66. If I set them for myself, I give myself a break when myself doesn't make it
  67. I love lists. I sometimes even make a list of all the lists I have going.
  68. I do not like the lists my husband makes for me
  69. My favorite thing about Christmas (other than the religious relevance, of course) is Operation Christmas Child. Filling that shoebox is more fun than all my other shopping combined!
  70. I can't wait until Hatchling is old enough to start packing his own shoebox with his dad and I.
  71. I do all my housework on the same day, so I'm really tired that night
  72. This really irritates my husband
  73. I tried to split it up, but I like for the whole house to be sparkling clean at the same time, not the kitchen sparkling but the hardwood dingy. No, thank you.
  74. I hate to iron
  75. It's the worst job I inherited since becoming a SAHM
  76. When I worked, I sent all our iron- needing clothes to the cleaners
  77. I don't watch scary or sad movies
  78. I think Bollywood is swell
  79. I can't carry a tune, but I sing for my son all the time
  80. I dread when he gets old enough to tell me to shush, which is what I did to my mom
  81. I love having painted toenails, but I can't stand color on my fingernails
  82. I like to dye my hair
  83. I don't like to eat vegetables
  84. Or fruits
  85. Or vitamins
  86. If I could invite any 5 people, living or dead, to a dinner party, I would ask Bill Bryson, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, and Carey Grant. I believe it would be a rather witty gathering, in spite of my being there.
  87. I think men should still stand up when women enter the room
  88. And open car doors
  89. My husband does neither
  90. He's a pretty good catch, all the same
  91. I love bags. Luggage, purses, totes, cosmetic, you name it, I dream of purchasing it.
  92. In the winter, I take a long bath with a good book almost every night
  93. The places I want to visit next are Florence, Australia, and Hawaii (I know, I can't let it go)
  94. I want to be a librarian when I grow up (i.e., when the kids go to school and I have to become a productive, wage- earning member of society again)
  95. I'm not especially qualified to be a librarian
  96. I'd really prefer to stay at home forever
  97. And get paid for it
  98. Somehow, I don't think it is going to happen
  99. I've been ready to get pregnant again for over 6 months
  100. Leonardo won't let me until our new house is finished (because he thinks it would be too much stress on me, not because he is mean)
Blogger Turtlellini said...
VERY endearing list. The following are the numbers where you and I are IDENTICAL TWINS.

14. addendum: I don't really hate them. I'm just tired of them.
16. addendum: I don't have to beg my husband for this, as I will be paying for it myself.
49. addendum: my HOUSE
53. addendum: My mother in law memorized the exact combination of meats and veggies that I like on my favorite Subway sammich. She is the best.
61. addendum: Do it ALL THE TIME.
62. addendum: Maybe not my FAVORITE, but that Chicken Tikka Masala does rock my world!
77. addendum: Just the scary ones are banned.
80. addendum: I dread when he gets old enough to tell me to quit smothering him with kisses too!
81. addendum: Love paint on BOTH my finger and toenails.
82. addendum: HIGHLIGHTS
88. addendum: Only when I'm really dressed up.
92. addendum: My son has been getting most of the baths these days...
98. OUCH. :-(

Anonymous Shelton Haines said...
Quite agreed.