May 22, 2005
Lonely, I Am So Lonely...
My husband is on his annual sailing trip in the Bahamas this week (he left Friday morning), and I have already descended to the depths of despair, where I am presently making camp. I know, it's pathetic in this day and age to be so dependent on one's spouse that you can't last a whole 3 days without them, but seriously, I'm lonely. I am a stay- at- home mom, so I don't have 'work' friends to hang out with. I have lots of friends from church, and family near- by, but they all have lives (read: husbands) to keep them busy. So, aside from the unintelligible chatter of my 15- month old (who I am convinced is usually cursing at me when he speaks), I'm alone.

What should I do with myself in my beloved's absence? Let's look at my options:

1. Road Trip- I have a good mind to get in my car and go on a road- trip, but where would I go with a baby? It doesn't seem as appealing an option as it did in my college days. If you have to stop to look for changing stations, it just isn't the same.

2. Drinking- I suppose I could drown my woes in liquor like Devdas, the baby is in bed after all, but the headache in the morning would hardly be worth it (and, let's face it, I'm no Shahrukh Khan).

3. Suck it up and get over it- Possibly the most intelligent of my choices, but really, who wants to go that route? If I start making intelligent choices at 30, I statistically have something astronomical like 50 more years of intelligent choices. I don't know if I should start that precedent till I'm at least in my late 40's...

4. Find another man to take Tortoise's place until his return- While I suppose that could be fun, I don't think I'm the kind of girl for that. There are the moral and ethical concerns, plus I'm already an emotional basket case. This would send me over the edge for sure. (In case my mother- in- law is reading this, I'm just kidding about this one... and most of the others for that matter...)

5. Treat Hatchling and myself to the World's Largest Traveling Reptile Show, currently moored in K- Mart's parking lot- this one speaks for itself, and it says plenty.

6. Rent Movies- My husband hates movies, I love them. Why don't I stock up at Hastings and not leave the house for the rest of the week? Why don't I get Hatchling dressed now and go get some? Good idea, guys- thanks for the help!