May 17, 2005
Old Country Roses, Blue Willow, and the Time Machine
Years ago, I fell in love with Old Country Roses, a deliciously girly china pattern that has been a best seller for 30 years (only solidifying my status as a decor diva, in my dreams).

This was before I was married, and before I even considered that my husband would want to be in on the choosing of our china, so I began collecting pieces here and there. When my husband did waltz into the picture, he was tolerant of my china choice, but less than enthusiastic. He would have choosen something manly and understated, perhaps a cream with a platinum band... but alas, he was saddled with a frou- frou wife.

We've been married for a little over 4 years now, and the Tortoise is still sweetly tolerant of my china, even to the extent that the green paint in our dining room was chosen with a plate in hand to exactly match the green of the rose leaves. This is so that when we grow up and have a real dining room set with a real china cabinet, my dishes will look their best in their new home.

A fews days ago, we were busy navigating the wide aisles of Sam's and happened upon a "one time buy" (everything I want at Sam's is always a one time buy, necessitating that I buy as much as I can of it immediately) of Blue Willow place settings. Now, I have always loved Blue Willow. Who hasn't? Tortoise commented, jokingly, that we could finally get rid of the girly dishes and get these instead, which he likes better. I think he was a bit suprised when I said "ok". The new dishes (blue willow) are microwave and dishwasher safe, which I am all about (we never use the others because I can't stand the thought of handwashing dishes after cooking a nice dinner) and really, I have always thought they were casualy elegant. Since we are not terribly elegant people, I think maybe casually elegant is what we should shoot for.

Isn't it funny how time changes our desires? When we got married 4 years ago, I would have never agreed to a different china pattern than the one of which I had been dreaming for years. These days, it really doesn't matter to me what we eat off of. Priorities change, and I am blessed to have a husband who is willing (even when it doesn't work out as tidily for him) to roll with the punches and accomodate for changing tastes. I just hope everyone who got us china as a wedding present will understand.

Now the only question that remains is what color will the dining room in our new house be, for when we grow up and have a real dining room set with a real china cabinet? Tortoise thinks green (sorry honey- vetoed) and I am thinking either a very light blue or a pale gold.