June 2, 2005
Hunger Pangs of The Not-So-Skinny
I'm on day 3 of eating well and exercising, after a couple of months on sabbatical. The hunger has arrived. The first day I was a little hungry, the second day I was a little more hungry, and today I feel as if I could eat, well, everything.

Everything in the house, everything at the grocery store, and certainly every ice cream concoction at Sonic. Banana Cream Pie shake, I hear you calling my name! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough something- or- other, I want you too!

I am very much like the hungry caterpillar. Why? I know my body is getting enough calories to function. In fact, I frequently eat less during the day when I'm not dieting. I think it is just my mind, which knows about all the goodies in my cabinet which I am avoiding. Why does my mind want me to fail? I only want to lose 10 lbs, not become Hollywood skinny! Seriously body, I'm not trying to hurt you... work with me here.

I suppose the only thing to do is to go have 11 Nacho Cheese Doritos and pretend that I could eat the whole bag, but I'm not because I don't really want them...

In other news, we are closing on our lot tomorrow. Please pray that we sell this house soon as we have to start paying interest on the lot immediately, and also because we are anxious to break ground, which we don't plan on doing until there is a contract on this house. Plus, you know, I'm anxious to don the hat of general contractor. I can't tell my neighbor to make her dog stop pooping in my yard, but I can control burly mansubs. Uh- huh....