June 20, 2005
Notes From Branson
Sans Baby
The husband and I went to the big town of Branson this weekend for a mini- vacation without the kiddo. Of course, most of our time was spent thinking about, talking about, and missing him. Well, not really, but I feel that if I were a really good mother, that would have been true...

The Bump
When we picked the little bugger up today, he had a huge, purple and brown bump on his forehead. The grandparents say it happened at the church nursery...Sure, the nursery, common place of concussion and death... Actually, they feel far worse about it than I. They must think I am really picky about my son. After hearing his had crack like a melon all the time on my hardwood floors, I am rarely fazed by any pansy bruise...

Cheese Curds at A&W
Have you had these? Fried milk- fat, battered in something (I am sure) fatty, deep- fried in fat, and served with a fat dipping sauce. Have you ever heard of anything more delicious? They are incredible. I managed to squeeze in two servings in just one day of shopping. Oh yeah, definitely hitting the gym tomorrow.

David Copperfield
Leonardo really wanted to see D.C. , so being the good wife that I am, I obligingly went along. Even though magic pisses me off- I can't stand anything that I can't figure out. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the show. Mr. C. is actually quite an entertainer, above and beyond the annoying magic tricks. If you have the chance to see him, I give him a thumbs up.

Banana Republic
On the way up, I was saying that if only the outlet malls would get a Banana Republic and a Waterford outlet, I would be completely fulfilled in my shopping experience. Lo and behold, the first thing we saw when we drove in was the BR. Woohoo! I love them, mostly because at their stores I am a size 6. Need I say more?

Steal-Your-Dollar City
I haven't been to Silver Dollar City in YEARS. L and I went for the afternoon, and, like so many things, it wasn't nearly as cool as when I was a wee lass. We rode a roller- coaster, which was swell, went on the cave tour, ate some sucotash, and were ready to go. Hopefully it will be more fun in a few years to see it through Hatchling's eyes.