June 24, 2005
Sad Little Blog
Yes, it's true. My blog has feelings. At the moment, it is feeling blue. Blue because of the enormous, gigantic, gaping space betwixt the headline and the first line of copy on the most recent blog. Blue in the shade of Midnight, if you happen to be looking at a Crayola box.

Why? Why has this happened to my little blog? It deserved so much better. It's not Pulitzer material, I'll grant you, but it certainly didn't deserve this! We can't all be interesting all of the time, can we? Some of us have trouble being interesting any of the time, but still, we deserve to have our say, don't we?

Actually, I think Blogger must have done something. I saw the same problem on another blog using my same template. Oh the agony!

Grrrrr.... Things like this happened when I used to work for a big company.

The entire system would be down when we arrived in the morning, and after HOURS of agonizing over what we, the insignificant peons, had done to cause this hellaishish nightmare, we would be confronted by a casual computer tech with his Starbucks cup in hand.

He'd lean on the half- wall of my cubicle, knocking off my important, though poorly attached, decor (posted to stave off the feeling of dying and death that my cubicle evoked in me) and say condescendingly, "Oh... yeah... we installed a patch on the G743 server last night to fix the 847 problem. Apparently (geeky guffaw), no one realized that the G743 server was actually tasked to run your entire account. Can you imagine? We had no idea any of the company's accounts were so antiquated! Hopefully, we can either run your client off and get rid of this antiquated system and your entire group (which is what we are hoping for, frankly, because really, who can program in XYZ3 anymore?), or, we'll have to actually build you a new server, using nothing but chewing gum, an old typewriter, and the dehydrated french fries under Padma's desk. Can you imagine how much we will be billing you for that? (insert here that little head wiggle that only Indians can do) Well, I'll see you around, hope you have a great day! Better start working on that resume, huh?"

Oh, how I hated those people.

I don't mean to pick on Indians by the way, it's just that every computer person I ever worked with was from that region o' the world. If you happen to be Indian and reading this, I love your food, I love your movies, and I'm sorry for the gross generalizations. They are fun to make, however, in the name of good (or mediocre, perhaps, or possibly even stinky) storytelling.

In other news, to all of you who have ever worked in a cubicle, don't you think Office Space is one of the most brilliant films EVER?