June 13, 2005
Scammy Scammerkins
For anyone who knows where my house is and drives by, you will still see the FSBO sign in our front yard. That is because the man who wanted to buy our house for his daughter is a big, fat, scam artist.

Leonardo and I had pretty much agreed to go along with Mr. Scammerkins unusual plan to purchase our house, but we hadn't signed anything and L hadn't told him for sure that I agreed (I wasn't at their little meeting). For some reason (God, I'm sure), L stayed up after me on Saturday night and decided to Google this guy's name and see what he could find. He figured there should be something out there if even half of the business deals this guy told him about were true.

Well, L found him. It took a long time (the 26th page of the Google search), but boy did he ever find some stuff. Here is a brief selection of what we now know about this man:
  • "Since the early 1990s he never seems to stay anywhere longer than 18 months...money must be running out, creditors mounting, time to move on. It looks like, once again, he leaves the innocent (usually students) and educational institutions in heavy debt and out of business. However, he and his family always seem to drive new cars, live in nice homes and have plenty of money. "
  • "After he decided to save the 142-year-old Madison Business College, and it abruptly closed amid a Wisconsin Justice Department investigation and questions about Mr. Scammerkins administrative decisions, an acerbic Wisconsin State Journal editorial compared Mr. Scammerkins resume to Dr. Jack Kervorkian's patient list and said, "It takes a special talent to bring down a 142-year-old institution in a matter of months."
  • "Mr. Scammerkins is often described by those who meet him as impressive and Christ-like"- uggghhh! As if Christians don't have enough trouble!

Apparently, he has closed down 4 Christian schools in the last decade. He goes in with phony credentials (that he probably got on the internet), makes himself the headmaster, his wife bookkeeper, his daughter, son and son-in-law all in key positions, and the bills stop getting paid. When things get rough, he fakes a heart attack and they all leave town. They are moving here from Dallas, and guess where the last school was?

Thank you for all of the prayers, as you can see they worked. Now we just feel guilty because he is in the area and we don't know how to stop him from scamming our friends and neighbors. Any suggestions?