June 28, 2005
Things I need to do instead of blogging or reading other blogs:

  • Draw out 2 kitchen plans to take to the draftsman tonight so he can tell me which will work in our house
  • Finish notes to take to the draftsman tonight
  • Go to the Library to get something to listen to on the way to Little Rock tomorrow (I'm thinking something along the lines of Bill Bryson...)
  • Laundry
  • Go to WalMart to get my son some healthy and flavorful organic milk
  • Go by the bank to pick up my house plans, in order to take them to the draftsman tonight
  • Clean house (really, I never had any intention of doing this today, but still, it does fall in the category of needing to be done)
  • Pack for mine and Hatchling's impending jaunt to the Rock

As you can see by this post, not so much of that is getting done so far...