July 23, 2005
Book Baton
Compliments of Kassi

Number of Books on the Shelves:I would guess about 500

Last Book Purchased:Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince, though I am in the process of ordering two books on heraldry and a book about potty- training from Amazon at this very moment.

Currently Reading:Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. To keep my brain from withering completely, I'm starting 1776 later this week.

Last 5 Books Read:I'm not sure these are the last five, but they are the most recent five that stick out in mind...

  • Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince (which is being followed by a re- reading of all the others, 'cause I forgot some stuff. I'm currently on #5)
  • The Emancipators Wife: A Novel of Mary Todd Lincoln
  • The Romanov Prophecy
  • all 4 of the Bourne novels (a new one has been written by someone other than Ludlum)
  • Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers (I don't recommend... her first book was Ok, but I had trouble taking this one seriously)

That's more than five, isn't it?

Meaningful Books:I admit, I had trouble with this one. Obviously, the Bible is meaningful to me. After that, I'm a bit stumped. So I asked my husband what he thought. What follows is a mostly true account of our discussion.

Me: What books are meaningful to me?

Husband: You like Harry Potter.

Me: Yes, but those are hardly meaningful...

Him: Jane Austen?

Me: Meaningful, honey. Like the Bible.

Him: Jane Austen is meaningful to me. You are always either reading them or watching a movie based on them.

Me: Gee, thanks.

I guess I'm not a very 'meaningful' kind of gal, so here are some books I really like...

  • The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom- Every time I read this, I feel like a sucky Christian, which is probably good for me.
  • Joy Street: A Wartime Romance in Letters, by Mirren Barford- This couple was so much smarter than me. Seriously, I don't know a lot of the words they used in their letters, and I have a pretty good vocabulary.
  • Range of Motion, by Elizabeth Berg- Fabulous. I also really like Talk Before Sleep by the same author.
  • Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern Day Jordan, by Norma Khouri. This is about honor killings, and I think everyone should read it. It is awful and how we let it go on in today's world is beyond me.