July 26, 2005
Some Of This Is Actually True
Today my friend Jeff is turning 38. It is hard to believe that I have friends this old. It seems like someone who is 38 should be a friend of my parents. But then, their friends are in their 50's now, and my friends are in their 30's. Time is marching on.As a birthday tribute, I thought it would be fun if I shared some facts with you about Jeff.
  • In the mornings, Jeff sometimes washes his hair a second time if it isn't looking like he would like it to. He is very sensitive about his hair.
  • He has three daughters, and despite his complaints about all the females in his house, he is quite enamored of all four (the 4th being his wife). He also tells his children that Daddy drinks because they won't stop crying.
  • He actually stalked the woman who is now his wife for several years before going on a date with her.
  • He thinks Dan Brown writes for stupid people, but secretly reads his books under the covers of his bed so no one will find out that he may, in fact, be a stupid person.
  • He used to introduce his wife to people and tell them she was a stripper.
  • He has a giant tattoo of a pink and lavender butterfly on his leg. Which he got while following the Grateful Dead around the country. In a VW Minibus.
  • He was the best boss I ever had. Well, maybe second best. Definitely in the top five.
  • He was once a gigolo. That was back when his wife was still stripping, I suppose.
  • He used to have long hair. It sometimes took 3 or 4 washings for him to be able to leave the house. He had to cut it when he became gainfully employed. Not because of dress code, but because he kept being so late for work...
  • He once crooned Brittany Spear's 'Oops, I did it again' for his co-workers at a company Christmas party.

Happy Birthday Jeff! I'm sure glad you were born.