July 21, 2005
Spelling Test
I haven't posted much this week for a very good reason: I haven't had anything interesting to say.

In truth, I have nothing interesting to reveal at this moment, but I live in perpetual fear that my 4 readers will leave if I don't post often enough. Of course, a very valid argument could be made for them leaving if the quality of my posts, if one could call the drivel I write quality, suffers as well. What is a girl to do?

The husband took me to eat Indian food last night. Mmmmm... my favorite. I must tell you I was a bit miffed, however. It was hot in the restaurant, so I ordered a Coke instead of my normal Chai, thinking I would save a dollar and not be as warm. I asked for another Coke halfway through the meal. When we got the bill, we saw that refills were not free. Grrr... I think they should tell you that. And why do they give free refills of Chai but not Coke? Because Chai costs an extra dollar? I just don't think it's right to charge for drink refills, assuming they don't contain liquor.

Each time I have occasion to spell 'liquor', I have to picture the sign I passed everyday on the way to school for ages, in which the word was featured in larger- than- life neon letters, in order to spell it correctly. Where would I be today without that sign? Speaking of spelling, do you fellow bloggers find the spell check incredibly inadequate? I'm glad it is there, but I have to teach it words all the time (for instance, drivel and blogger)....