July 12, 2005
I am completely taken with the USA Network show The 4400. Have you guys seen it? All these people (4400, to be exact) were abducted over the last 60 years. They were altered by future humans and sent back all together to change the course of history, but of course they don't know that or remember anything that happened to them while they were gone. It's a fabulous show. Thank goodness for marathons, cause I only saw one episode last year, but now I've seen them all. Also, I have been watching Desperate Housewives in reruns. Love it.

Have I mentioned lately that I don't know if I could go on without TiVo?

I started working out and dieting whole- hog (what does that mean, anyway?) yesterday. I have until July 30th to look good in my bridesmaids dress for my friend Toni's wedding. So far, I've lost 2 ounces. No kidding, I weighed at the gym this morning. I've put it off a bit longer than I should have, but I work well under a deadline. I'm a consummate procrastinator, you know.

Everything I think I see, becomes a little bear to me. I have something like 6 sewn, and fabric for another who knows how many. Must... go... must... sew... more... bears...

Hatchling has a new signal for telling me he wants me to do something. When he gets a toy he needs me to turn on or help him with, he barrels towards me and slams whatever the object is (leap pad, book, frying pan) directly into my face. Wonderful...