August 26, 2005
Dear Philip Morris,
You pay to prevent young people from smoking. You pay for commercials to tell us that smoking will make us sick and kill our loved ones. You pay to reduce cigarette litter.

I'm no genius, but it occurs to me that you could solve all of these problems by simply ceasing to make cigarettes. I realize this is a big step. After all, you are making a killing by, well, killing people.

Perhaps you could put some of the previously mentioned dollars into looking for a new way to make your money. Because the thing is, we are tired to death of your goody- goody commercials. We know that you really just want more people to buy your cigarettes. We aren't stupid. We know where your money comes from, and we think you are despicable.

The American Public (or at least, those of us who are not so addicted to your death- fumes that we still have an open mind)
Blogger desertUndine said...
here here!

Blogger Kris said...
Well said!