August 19, 2005
Before I had a child, I was hardly ever sick. Allergies, I had all the time. Sickness, hardly ever.

Enter the young master.Today I have some funk growing in the back of my throat, and it hurts. Bad. No wonder Hatchling has been such a beast. I would hope that being ill would make me want to stop eating, perhaps even facilitate the loss of a couple of pounds.

No way. I'm hungry. Mama will be storming the kitchen shortly, and I'm already bummed because I finished off the jumbo bag of M&M's two days ago. If I weren't so exceedingly lazy, I would take my ranch tooth to Wendy's for a little Monterey Ranch Chicken lovin'.

I've had to drug Hatchling with Benadryl for the last two nights to get him to sleep. When he woke up screaming at midnight last night, I made him a nice cocktail of milk, ibuprofen and benadryl. He slept like an angel till 730.I'm considering throwing back the rest of the bottle myself this afternoon...