August 3, 2005
Growing Up So Fast
Isn't it amazing how quickly our children progress from little blobs of jello into real people with their own little personalities?

Last night, Leonardo took us out to eat at one of the many local Mexican establishments. As usual, I chopped up Hatchling's quesadilla into teeny, tiny pieces so he wouldn't choke and left him on his own. He played with his food way more than normal. Finally, he grabbed my fork from its resting place on my plate, stabbed a bite of quesadilla, and popped it in his mouth. Then he sat there looking at me as if to say, "Guess what else I can do that you don't know about yet?"

Also, in the last month, he has started doing the following:

  • When it is time for bed, I tell him to go brush his teeth and he runs to the bathroom and waits for me to come help him.
  • He nods 'yes' to almost any question you can think of. I constantly ask him if he loves Mommy, and even though I know he has no idea what I am talking about, it makes me inordinately pleased when he says yes.
  • He wants to sit in my lap when it is time for Sesame Street. Until the dancing starts. Do all children dance wildly to SS or is it just my child?
  • Using the baby sign for 'sleepy'
  • Carrying things to and from stores for me. What a good little helper!

Well, we are off to get the car oil changed. If Hatchling manages to buy a car while we are there (as his father has done in the past), I will let you know.