August 27, 2005
Health Haiku
For some reason, I started reading a book about nutrition today while L napped and Hatchling repeatedly tried to play ball with me. Playing ball with Hatchling currently consists of sitting still while he picks up the ball, lifts it high over his head, drops it behind him, and then smacks me with his little fists because he doesn't realize that the ball is no longer in his possession. It's a great game.

Except for my bruising... but I digress.

The information I took away from my foray into nutrition was not information I was particularly interested in gleaning. Overwhelmingly, it appears that I need to cut sugar and caffeine out of my diet. That doesn't sound too bad, except for my morning Coke.

Aluminum can
Packed, 39 sugar grams
Nectar, Love, Cruelty

Do you think that if you are cutting sugar and caffeine out of your diet, you can leave just enough in to cover your morning soda? Yeah, I don't think so either. I know I need to make a change, but lets face it- I've been having a Coke for breakfast for the last 15 years or so. What are that chances that I am going to give it up now?

I'd like to get healthy, but I'm just not sure it is worth it. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

*I wonder if my family would make it through my 'transition' period?

**My new diet would also exclude pretty much everything I had today, from breakfast at Rick's Bakery to dinner at (you guessed it) Steak N Shake, not to mention a few sodas in between...
Blogger desertUndine said...
I eat SOOOO much stuff that I know I shouldn't eat either. I've never been big on soda, though, so my vice is icecream instead. Maybe try a soda that's caffine free? At least that would cut 1/2 of the problem...that's all the suggustion I have. Good luck to you on your quest for health - I know I need it on mine!

Anonymous sara said...
Hi slush,
So wierd that your on the verge of a health kick...cause I'm sort of (SORT OF) in one right now.
I'm getting a bit obnoxious with this website..but I want to pass it on..because it only takes a get a fire going..anyway, its Its a WEALTH of info. on all the best foods for you and it gives you a test to see how your doing and what you need to eat to get optimum nutrients.
We had a healthy "indian style burrito" and it was AWESOME!
Hey, lets get together not this week but next?!

Blogger Kassi said...
Umm..give up Coke? Are you MAD?!?!

I tried it once...for 5 days. I was a basketcase. I like my coke and my sanity. I gave up coffee instead.

Love Love

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Sara- yes, next week would be good. Let me know when!

Kassi- God tempted me at WalMart yesterday- Coke was on sale for $4.98/case. I resisted.... for now...

Blogger Newlywed said...
I say have the Coke, but only on the weekends. That's why I try to do...of course I have DIET Coke during the week which robs all memory. Or so I've been told. On the upside, I hear that coffee is actually good for you. Too bad I don't like coffee. Maybe we should all switch to wine. It's good for you, right?