August 21, 2005
Magnesium, My Old Friend
You know how I have been whining incessantly about being tired and blue for ages now? Well, let me tell you a little story...

When my husband and I got married a few years ago, L was surprised to find that not only did he get a charming and submissive spouse (ha ha), but he also got a teeth grinder. Yep, I kept him up all night making truly horrific sounds with my teeth. He kept waking me up to make me stop, and that just made me mad. I was also a big twitcher- you know when you just fall asleep and then you wake yourself up with a big kick? What a fun gal I was come bedtime!

We did some research and for some reason or another L decided to start giving me magnesium every night at bedtime (for those of you that don't know, my husband is a pharmacist). Within a couple of weeks, I was no longer grinding my way through the night, and I had also stopped kicking the crap out of L. All was well with our marriage... I have had a couple of recurrences in grinding my teeth since then, but each time L tells me and I take magnesium and I am magically cured.

So, back to the here and now. We went to the chiropractor the other day and he recommended some magnesium he sells in his office. We bought it for me because it has a lot of calcium in it too, and I am terrible about taking calcium (and I never, ever drink milk). I started taking it on Wednesday and since then I have been feeling rested and full of energy and not in the least bit depressed. No kidding. Compared to the me of last week, I like this me much better.Now I'm really wanting to read this book, The Miracle of Magnesium, and see what it has to say. I'm not saying it's a miracle pill, but if you have any of the symptoms I did, you might try and it see if it works.

All this leads me to wonder, how many Americans will spend the rest of their lives heavily medicated when they might just need some nutritional balancing? I suspect that the answer is quite a few, and that makes me sad for them.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The real miracle of your post is that your husband who is a pharmacist gave you a nutritional remedy. Three cheers for him!

Olive Plant