August 17, 2005
Not Amused
Last night, Leonardo and I went to bed early (1030) and I was sooo excited. I am chronically tired, but I always stay up late with L so that we can spend more time together. Anyway, last night I was just getting all snuggly and cozy in my bed when I hear "WAAAHHHH". Fabulous. I got up to check on worm and he was fine. No body parts stuck in the crib slats, no blankies on the floor, nothing. And he was so happy to see me. The second I walked in his room he started giggling and cooing and, had it not been bedtime, I would have thought him perfectly wonderful. But it was bedtime.

This was re-enacted at 1230, 200, 230 and I don't know when else, but I know I got up more than 3 times in the night. Finally, in desperation, I shut his door and ours so that I could sleep through his whining. This is why we did Babywise. I am not a nice mother if you wake me throughout the night. I have no compassion, no over-riding love that makes it ok for you to wake me up. Wake me up, you better have a really good reason. Like vomiting. And once you are old enough to make it to the toilet on your own, that may not even be a good enough reason.

Ok, I'm joking about that last bit. Seriously though, I am a much nicer Mommy if I have a full night's sleep. Do you hear that Hatchling? Now wipe your gooey eye and go to sleep.

In other, happier news, my new MP3 player is on a UPS truck right now, struggling to reach me, its wonderful new owner. I'm so excited! I am going to the Library today to get Berlitz Spanish, so if you see anyone be- bopping around town saying "Mucho Gusto, Senor", that will just be me getting ready for our mission trip...