August 2, 2005
Weddings And Ipods
This past weekend a blessed event took place. My friend Toni (she hasn't posted lately because of wedding plans) got married in Camden, which is a million miles and about 6 hours from my house. I was lucky enough to be involved in her special day, as I am lucky to be involved in her life. I would post a pic of her in her bridal finery, but my husband was the videographer, so we have no pics of the actual wedding day. Alas, you readers are missing out. She was gorgeous.

Also over the weekend, Leonardo and I bought an ipod mini for our million mile trip. It was silver, which was a disappointment, as I wanted pink. The biggest disappointment however was, well, the ipod. Usually, I love Apple products. They are sleek, stylish and oh so cool. I loved the design of my mini, but function... well, that I didn't love. I don't like the way my music is organized in itunes, my system is much better. Also, I don't like that the backlight is either always on or always off. How about having it come on when you hit a button or press the wheel thingy? Anyway, after our trip we decided it was not worth our $200 and returned it. Good thing it wasn't pink, I would have had more trouble letting go. So, does anyone have a good mp3 player recommendation?

Yesterday, I went to the Dr to see if I have West Nile, Mad Cow, or some other disease that doesn't have nearly the catchy name as the previous two. He didn't really know what my problem was, but he gave me a steroid shot and drew some blood. I do think I feel a bit better today, so maybe I just needed the ol' steroid boost. Hmmmm.... Does this mean an end to my dreams of world sports domination?

Today's errands include a trip to the wireless phone store to trade my faulty phone in, a trip to the chiropractor, and, cause I've been so good, a trip to Hobby Lobby. Then I'll come home and sew some more bears!