August 3, 2005
Woes... and Extremely Silly Ones, At That
I only kind of wanted a MP3 player before the ipod debacle. Now that we have returned it, I want one really, really bad. So, after I did some research and decided which one was "it" for me (that would be the iAudio x5 20 GB for anyone who feels like buying me a present, har har), L let me order it off of Amazon.

As is to be expected in my life, the bloke I was ordering it from (in the 'order it new and used from other people through us' section of Amazon) didn't have something set up right, because I got an email today telling me my money was refunded and blah, blah, blah. I don't want my money, I WANT MY STINKING MP3 PLAYER! You would think I could just order another, yes? No, no, my friends. See, the schmoe I was ordering it from was offering it for $85 less than everyone else. That was the only way it fit in our budget, and it was a stretch even then. So, no MP3 player for me. I'm so sad....

Yes, I know. Poor me... the girl who has everything but a MP3 player. I know it is not important in the grand scheme of things, but really, it is a big disappointment. I had all these mental images of me at the gym, working out harder than ever while learning Spanish and listening to something peppy. Or, me sewing bears while listening to a #1 Ladies Detective Agency book. Do you get the idea that I am DISAPPOINTED? You know, disappointed as in not having your house sell in the three months it has been on the market... but wait, that's happened to me too! OK, I'll stop with the whining already! My husband is always on me to be positive, and deep down I know he is right. Alas, I'll be positive tomorrow. Tonight, I feel blue.

Grammatical question- should it be "a MP3" or "an MP3"? An sounds better, but methinks a is actually the correct one...
Anonymous Kassi said...
"An" is the correct way.

So, what happened with your iPod?? I have an iPod Nano.