August 16, 2005
Wretched Mother
This post is dedicated to Hatchling's future therapist. Please note, while you are telling my son what a terrible mother I was, that I did at least make notes for you throughout his childhood so that you could fix him when the time came.

Today was Hatchling's 18- month well check. I took him to the Dr's office knowing good and well that he was sick, but still hoping they would give him his shots and let me get on with life. Yeah, right. The Dr looked at him for about 30 seconds before saying, "Mom, I don't think we can code this one as a well check..."

Apparently, that barmy eye which prevented us from getting his picture taken last night, and which is oozing some sort of goo that only a mother could be unfazed by, is infected. So is the ear behind that eye. Blast.

So this is why you are staying up all night crying and holding the side of your face. This is why you feel all hot and sweaty. This is why you have been a wretched devil- baby. I thought it was teething (in my defense, you do have 4 molars coming in), but I should have known. The only time you are ever bad is when you are sick.

To make it worse, when I gave the Rx to the pharmacist, who was a classmate of L's, he said "And you didn't know?" No, I didn't know. Had I known, I would have fixed it. Obviously. Because that is what mommies do.

We came home, antibiotics in hand, and I hope to have the little man well soon. Poor little tyke.