September 27, 2005
The Bunk Bed Brouhaha

Sometime last fall, L and I were strolling the crowded aisles of Sam's when we spotted the mother of all bunk beds. It had a tent that went over the top bunk to make it look like a fort, and slide to come down on. 'Fabulous!', we said. And then we bought.

At the time, we planned on staying in our current house for at least several more years, and we planned on making Hatchling share a room with his sibling when the time came. So bunk beds were a natural solution. We hauled them home and stuck the boxes in the attic, and didn't think about them for many more months.

In April, we were again strolling the aisles of Sam's (in case you can't tell, it really is one of my favorite places to go), and we saw a more *ahem* mature set of bunk beds. This one featured a full size bed on the bottom, as well as a bookshelf and some drawers on one end. 'Oh!', we exclaimed, 'this is so much better than the one we have!'

So we talked to a manager... and they let us trade...

Two weeks ago, while in Tulsa shopping for master bedroom furniture for L and myself, I confessed to my harried husband that I was

  • a- worried about Hatchling falling from/ jumping off of his bunk bed, and
  • b- worried about how it will fit in his new room.
The room is big, but long and fairly skinny. I was afraid that the bunk beds would take up the whole room and look funny. And, since he won't be sharing with H2, the risks now outweigh the benefits.

L was kind about my neurosis. He stated that he didn't care what we did, but for heaven's sake, could I please make up my mind? Yes, yes I can. Bunk bed set numero dos has been returned to Sam's (bless them for being such an understanding establishment) and I am pretty sure I have Hatchling's new furniture picked out, though I am not going to order it until we move. I'm thinking a twin bed with a trundle for Hatchling to bundle his younger sibling into. Because what's life without a little danger?
Blogger Carbon said...
That's hilarious.

I'm pretty bad about making decisions too. I usually won't buy it and will give myself some time to think about it first. Then when I decide what I want, I go to the store and they don't have it anymore.

It makes me cry everytime :(

Blogger Jill said...
I love Sam's. How can one not love that place. I think there's something they pump through the vent system in there, though, that makes you feel like you absolutely have to purchase something big when you're there becaue you just know you're getting the best deal EVER!!!