September 24, 2005
The Corpse Bride And True Love's Test
I am really excited about Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. Unfortunately, Leonardo is not keen for me to see it. Sure, I could be an un-submissive wife and go see it anyways, but that isn't what I want for my marriage. So, how do I convince him that adults watching cartoons about skeletons and corpses is not everything that is wrong with today's society?

Last night, my sweet L took me to see Ravi Shanaker and the Festival of India III. To understand the immensity of L's sacrifice in taking me to this, you have to know that he hates
  • musicals
  • hippies
  • Indian music and culture

There were plenty of all three to go around. Poor L was squirming in his seat and cracking me up with comments like "how come I always fall asleep in church but I can't sleep through this?" and "please tell me that was more than one song..." and "this looks like the demographics of a Linux convention."*** The best part was when he was leaning over, elbows on knees, head resting in his hands with a finger in each ear.

We left at the intermission, which was my idea, not L's. While I very much enjoyed the first half, it was enough Indian culture for me. There were no dancers, which was what I was the most excited about, but maybe they only came out at the end. Anyway, I am convinved that L loves me a whole bunch! Thanks honey!

*** Interstingly enough, L would be perfectly at home at a Linux convention...

Blogger AfricaBleu said...
Don't waste your dime, dear. The kids and I went to see "Corpse Bride," and although it was vintage Burton visually, the songs and story were weak... I actually was a little bored, and I am a Tim Burton FREAK.

boo hoo.

Now I'll pin my hopes on "Wallace and Gromit," coming out in October - I do so love that Limey fellow and his clever dog...