September 29, 2005
The Day of Spankings
Hatchling and I started out on pretty good terms this morning. We had breakfast (which somehow always entails a large sprinkling of cheerios on the living room rug), we snuggled, we watched a little television, and we pretty much just enjoyed hanging out together. These are my favorite kind of mornings.

When he awoke from a quick nap, the trouble began. First, my little angel tried to turn off the computer where I was working. This entailed dodging my outstretched leg, which was blocking his path, and fighting the hand that held him back. I asked him if he wanted a spanking. He shook his head no, and just to be sure I understood, he covered his little bottom with his hands. This is so cute, I have to keep myself from asking this question even when he's not in trouble because I just like to see it.

Twenty seconds later, he again tried to turn off the computer. I told him "No!" in my mean mommy voice. He looked at me, smiled, and then tried his hand at typing on the keyboard. This time, he got a swat on his leg. Wailing, he threw himself into my arms as if he had been mortally wounded. This lasted about 3 seconds, until he figured out that by reaching behind me, he could reach the keyboard. Another swat. Another wail.

Within ten minutes, he had been spanked several times. I had been hit, kicked, and almost head butted. At this point, I decided it was time for H to go to his room. I believe he is currently dismantling his diaper pail. Or maybe that is his crib. Whatever it is, it's making a heck of a lot of noise.

Perhaps we will like each other again by this afternoon...
Blogger Carbon said...
Oh the joys of kids :( How old is your Hatchling?

I'm not looking forward to Malina being able to speak back. I'm sure the "No's" will drive me crazy. It will be a battle but I will win. I have to!

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Hatchling is 19 months old. The tantrums have just started in the last couple of weeks. I'm determined to break his spirit, but it may be the end of me! =)

Blogger Kassi said...
K has had plenty "days of spankings". She doesn't like to get along with me very often. So...we have our disagreements, and she always wins. Her temper tantrums started at 18 months, she's almost four and I don't see the temper abating any time soon.

Blogger Amber said...
LOL! Mine will be 17 months this week, and the spanking doesn't seem to help us that much, at least not yet! ;) BUT, boy does he hate the time-out business! I find that to be helping us out tremendously. When do they start shaking their heads no? I am NOT looking forward to that.

Blogger jon said...
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Blogger Turtlellini said...
Heh...have you ever heard of "Irma Brown's Ass Whuppin Academy"? It's a skit on Comedy Central and it about tore me in half I was laughing so hard.

"Repeat after me! I. will. beatcho. narrow. ass!" [I will beatcho narrow ass] "Now smack!"

Then Irma says, "At Irma Brown's Ass Whuppin Academy, we'll show you that somebody who doesn't pay bills, put food on the table, or buy clothes for they OWN ASS--ain't runnin a mutha f@#'n THANG."

They teach skills like shoe throwing, beatins with belts and "the hair brush wallup."

I've often said that I can't wait till little Buck learns the difference between right and wrong. Because once he knows what he is doing is wrong--ITS ON!!!

Blogger Sluwho said...
I remember on Colins third birthday party..he threw a tantrum...Becky sat him in a chair facing the wall for time out and him continuing to howl the roof down. As a "grammie" that was hard to endure......"But's his birthday, honey".....didn"t do me any good, she didnt budge. That is why he is such a sweetie pie today. I do love that Hatchling of yours, what a doll he is.