September 13, 2005
How To Stop The Hitting?
These last few days, Hatchling has developed a rather painful and annoying habit.

While busy at play, he spies his mommy across the room. Laughing maniacally, he hurtles his fat little body towards her, arms thrown wide. Anticipating a hug, or perhaps even a sloppy kiss, Mommy opens her arms wide to catch him. Upon reaching her, however, the little devil raises both of his tiny fists and hits her square in the chest as hard as he can. Or in the face. Or the legs. Pretty much, whatever he can get to, he hits. Then he's gone.

Before I can say "bad," or implement any sort of punishment, he is back to his happy games of make- believe.

You would think that I would be smart enough not to fall for this a second, third, or one- hundred and eighth time. I'm not. When I see that happy, angelic looking face, I simply cannot believe that he has something so diabolical up his sleeve. I can combat him kicking me in the stomach while he is stretched on the changing table, or kneading my legs with his Elmo shoes while he's sitting in the Wal-Mart cart, but this? I seem to be at a loss.

Are all little boys this rough, or am I simply nurturing the next Ultimate Fighting Champion?
Blogger Carbon said...
It's not just little boys! My little girl is the devil too sometimes. She went through a phase of biting and then pinching. Her current is scratching. I usually give a sharp no but then she usually laughs. I find that picking her up and setting her down away from me and saying no sometimes works. Ignoring works the most. Damn kids! It's usually a phase but very annoying.

Blogger desertUndine said...
Hee - I can relate to your post, too. When my little one was younger, she used to hit, then bite, and now she's seemed to calm down for the most part. I just let her know that it hurts me - she started to kiss it to make it better. Doesn't work for all kids, though. The boy I babysit is a rowdy one - he likes to poke you in the side, especially. He doesn't like me tickling him, and I told him I don't like him hitting me. Funny thing is, I told him that when he pokes me, I get to tickle him. So, he'd come up, poke - and then I'd act delighted and tickle him. He doesn't poke anymore. (fair is fair - I don't tickle him, either)

Different kids need different approaches - I agree with the other comment, too - ignoring may work. Good luck finding what works for you! (and hopefully you'll find it before he gets bored of the game...)

Funny little people, aren't they?

Anonymous sara said...
Simon is waaay more aggressive than Izzy was, and he's only two months! Yikes. His whole body tenses up and then he lets loose, kicking and jabbing those little arms. I'm afraid.
I keep saying he's a man trapped in a babies body. Ba haa.
p.s. when do you move into your new house?

Anonymous sara said...
Oh, and one more thing..I found a letter you wrote me in Columbia and its all about when you started dating Leonardo. I've gotta show it to you. Fu-Huney!

Blogger Prithi Shetty said...
Wow ! Mom's sure have pain-bearing skill. Will keep these tips in mind, when its my turn !