September 19, 2005
I Can't Even SEE The Wagon Anymore...
Remember a few weeks ago when I got all healthy and gave up sugar and caffeine? I did really well for whole week, and I felt really great about myself.

Then I fell off the wagon. That first weekend, I had some sugar and caffeine (not as much as usual, though), and the following Monday, when I was supposed to start being good again, I didn't.

I have gotten steadily worse, and this morning I was REALLY bad. We're talking a Red Bull, a Coke, pancakes with syrup, and two cups of coffee bad. Uh- huh. My little heart feels like it is going to jump right out of my chest, and my hands keep making movements I have absolutely no control over. That can't be good sign.

You might be wondering if this is enough to inspire me to healthful living again. The answer to that is Ha Ha Ha.... I just wish I didn't feel so dang bad so I could go drink a Coke with my lunch.
Blogger Carbon said...
I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine. I think I would of had a heart attack with a red bull & 2 cups of coffee! wow.

Actually, I remember this one guy finished a pot on his own within 2 hours. I kept watching him waiting for him to jump out of his skin. No difference. Weird. Guess everyone's body chemistry really makes a huge difference! One thing for sure, he was getting up to go pee a least his bladder wasn't superhuman! HA.

Anonymous sars said...
I went on that health kick too...and sadly, have fallen off the wagon myself. The stupid thing is I think "if I eat Salmon for dinner tonight with brown rice I can have coke and cake as much as I please". Doesn't work that way, does it. Bummer.

Blogger Amber said...
Don't worry, the wagon has booted many of us in the rear-end. I had me a yummy kit-kat and some WAYYY sweet tea today. Shame shame!