September 1, 2005
This Turtle Is Ready To Lay An Egg...
Last night, some people came over to look at our house with their two offspring, aged roughly 6 and 8. Hatchling was so over- joyed with the entrance of other little people into his realm. He laughed, screamed when I wouldn't' let him bother them, and then proceeded to terrorize them when I gave up trying to control him.

He was so cute! He would grab the little girl and push or propel her where he wanted her to stand, then he got into a big game of chasing them around and around and around the coffee table. I was impressed that he is now smart enough to stop and quickly change directions in hopes of catching of his prey.

I want this house thing to be wrapped up, either way. I'm tired of waiting. Gee, do you think God could be trying to teach me patience? If so, boy are we in trouble- it doesn't seem to be taking.

Lost Update-

According to my Lost email newsletter, they will be showing the upcoming season's premiere on Waikiki Beach on Sept. 14th at 630 PM. I tried to talk Leonardo into taking me, but he thought it was a bit expensive for a "date night." Cheapscape. Because the writers of Lost feel sad for those of us who can't make it, they thought sending the following excerpt from the script would make up for it:

LOCKE: You're lighter. I can belay you down and bring you back up just as easy. Shaft may be narrower down there, too.

KATE: You left out the part where you just wanna see if I'm gonna be eaten by something.

Somehow, I still feel cheated...
Blogger Jeff said...
I love your Slush Turtle blog.... take care