September 10, 2005
Ya Gotta Regatta
I'd really like to use a discontinued Pottery Barn Kid's line called 'Ya Gotta Regatta' in Hatchling's new room. I'll need a twin AND a full set, as he gets bunk beds when he grows up. Alas, they are cost prohibitive, even if they weren't discontinued.

So, dear readers, if any of you happens to have any of the collection lying around, let me know!
Blogger Dottie said...
Here is a twin duvet on ebay, you may have alread found this. I think that there is a sham posted, too.

Good luck with your search!

Blogger Dottie said...
Another one:

Blogger Dottie said...
I don't know why those links aren't highlighting. IF you go to ebay, use the search terms
"Gotta Regatta", "Ya Regatta Bedding" & "Ya Regatta"

Blogger Dottie said...
Seriously, you are going to think I'm nuts LOL! You can also type in "Pottery Barn Kids Regatta",
where there is a clock, lampshade, pillows and then also do "Pottery Barn Regatta" and there is tons of stuff.


Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Thanks Dottie- I did see them on EBay, I just don't want to pay that outlandish price! =)