October 18, 2005
Leaving Home For A House
We are moving in just a couple of days and I am having more trouble with this move than I ever did with the previous two. Why? This is the home into which we welcomed our Hatchling.

It was here that he rolled over at 15 days, here that he first smiled, here that he learned to say "mommy". How could I not mourn the loss of these walls which have seen my baby go from a useless little blob of fat to the incredibly task- oriented little helper he has become?

I'm excited, and nervous, and busy with all the impending stuff that accompanies a move, but I'm also a little heart- broken. This is my son's first home, and I have to leave it behind. In my heart, though, it will always be special to me. I suspect we will drive by once in a while and tell Hatchling, "This was your first home!", to which he will most likely roll his eyes and turn up the volume on his ipod... Kids these days!
Blogger Jill said...
I can just imagine how you must be feeling. My little angel is not yet 2 and I know it will be hard when we leave our home. That time is not soon to come, but I know one day in the future it will happen and it will be sad to leave the memories behind. However, you can look for ward to making new memories and hitting new milestones in the new place. And that little dude is a cutie patootie!!!

Blogger cjoy said...
Now that we're making plans for such a move, I can totally relate! Both my babies came home to 'here' and Bryan has lots of memories in this house. Our move is still many months away, but he was starting to cry one night about having to leave behind the mural daddy made for him before he was born. A sad thought for me, too--I LONGED for the exact mural my husband created (Teddy Bear Picnic)!! :(

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Take pictures. Take home movies. Document all of the places, if you still can, so that when he gets a little older, you can show him where he did all of those things!! Even if he never appreciates it, you will one of these days!!

Good luck with your move!!