October 2, 2005
What I Did This Weekend...
In the form of a haiku. 'Cause it's just more fun that way.

New king size mattress
Small tiger on Halloween
Church, wine, not same time
Blogger Turtlellini said...
Hi! I like your blog!! I had to come check it out, as any blog with TURTLE in the title must be checked out!

LOVE the argyle pattern background and retro sixties stars! I didn't SEE that as a template option! If it's in there, i just may switch over. It looks WAY more turtlelish looking than mine! :-)

Blogger So Lost said...
I wanted this template for a while. It is just so cool.

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Thanks guys! Turtlellini, I found this template at http://blog-templates.ravasthi.name/