November 16, 2005
How 'Bout Chinese? An Early Tale of Thanksgiving
Upon arrival back at the Slush-Pad, L discovered that his hard drive had bit the dust. This is a tragedy in his world. A day without his computer is like a day without sunshine, food, and water to the rest of us. Naturally, we ran right out on Sunday afternoon and got a new one. Thankfully, he backed up everything a couple of days before we left and put it in the safety deposit box.

So L calls Monday from work to tell me he forgot the key and has to come home, do I want to go out to eat? I NEVER don't want to go out to eat, so I jumped at the opportunity to be a terrible housewife. During this call, I had just plopped Hatchling in his high chair with a plate full of food in front of him. Remarkably, he didn't touch it (this is called FORESHADOWING).

Those of you who may have witnessed my son eat will know that something was terribly, terribly wrong with him. Alas, I brushed aside my motherly concern and concentrated on getting shoes on him. Mama was going out!

After a quick swing by the bank, the husband and I decided on some nice, fattening Chinese food. Because we didn't get enough fat in our diets in Mexico... We ordered and were just starting to enjoy our Jasmine tea and appetizers when H projectile vomited all over the table.

Normally, I am not one to discuss such bodily functions. However, this one was positively amazing. I have never seen such a thing! I mean, it went actual FEET through the air. If L were not so quick, and so horrified of any bodily fluid which is emitted from our son, he would have been slimed. Lucky for him, he managed to squeeze himself into the corner of the booth and remained unblemished. I grabbed a napkin to contain it, but it just kept coming out. I mean, seriously, there must have been gallons of fluid floating around in that boy's tumbly.

The vomiting was soon over. The staff was helpful enough to box up the rest of our dinner, and Hatchling was stripped down to his Huggies** and carried to the car. Thankfully, the rest of the stomach bug has been contained in the lower intestinal region, which is just fine with me. I'm all about containment.

** I should note, I am far to cheap to purchase Huggies. Grammy bought them while I was away, lest you think me a diaper- snob...
Anonymous sara said...
YIKES! Is he over it yet? I thought about jumping in the car and coming to visit yesterday...good thing I didn't or it could have been me who was slimed.
poor little hatchling.

Blogger Newlywed said...
wow, that's the stuff you only see in movies and America's Funniest Home Videos. Next time, try to get it on film. :)

Blogger Carbon said...
Poor kiddo.

Hope he feels better soon!

Blogger shay v. said...
This sounds wierd but, WOW! I almost wish I could have seen that! I'm so sorry the little muffin isn't feeling well, though! I really hope that he's back to himself soon!