November 3, 2005
Mexico or Bust...
Hola! That's pretty much the extent of my Spanish, so thank goodness I have L to get me around! Our 'deal' is that I take care of him at home, and he takes care of me when we are traveling.

We are busy getting packed up and ready to leave early Saturday morning. In case you get bored, here are some facts to contemplate in my absence. Never say I don't care about you!

Did you know... (taken from Operation World)

  • Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world and ranks 3rd behind English and Chinese as the top 3 mother tongues spoken globally.

  • Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821...and they lost a huge chunk of land to the US in the 19th century

  • In 2000, the new president Vicente Fox and his political party ended 83 years of uninterrupted control of Mexico by the PRI party (Institutional Revolutionary Party)

  • Evangelicals in 1960 were 2.1% (800,000) but 40 years later in 2000 grew to 7% (7 million).

  • Most Mexicans are culturally Catholic but still bound by sin, narrow traditionalism and syncretistic religious practices, and only 10% are regular church goers.

  • Over 50 % of the population of Mexico is under 20 years of age.

Please keep us in your prayers over the next week. Specifically, that we make it through customs with our bears and medicines, that we are able to strengthen the local church through our services, and that seeds will be planted for the harvesting. We aren't about numbers of converts, but true life change.

Also, please keep my little Hatchling in your prayers. His mommy KNOWS that other people can take good care of him, but she can't help worrying about him all the same...

Thanks and God Bless,


Blogger desertUndine said...
have a good time

Blogger Jill said...
Can't wait til you get back with a report! I'll be praying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Slush watch out for the water, i hear it is a real experience...take care my dear niece for i dont want to lose you or L....

love you aunt daisy

Blogger Kassi said...
God bless you and your family!