November 1, 2005
A Montage
I'm on break from hauling crap that we never use, but couldn't live without, up to the attic. Most of it has to do with Hatchling. He is 20- months old and I have something like 6 big rubbermaid totes full of clothes he has already outgrown. I don't want to get rid of them in case I have a boy the next time around, so up in the attic it goes! Poor Mommy! It's a long way up those stairs. I'm really glad I didn't go to the gym this morning. I feel that staying home and watching MTV for a couple of hours really honed my sorting and stacking skills. Oh yes, and Lindsey Lohan, what is up with all the eyeliner and that song about your daddy? Faaa- reak....

Unpacking is happening at a slow pace in our household these days. It doesn't help that we have this mission trip looming over us. We want to go, and are excited, but it has not made this move any less stressful. L was finally able to finish his computer program for the pharmacy labels last night. It was a huge answer to prayer, as they were printing out all funny and he had to do something with the printer code (I think) to get it to work. It should be a real help to us this year. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, L wrote a computer program that will allow us to type a pharmacy label in English, and when it prints it will come out in Spanish. Good news for us gringos.... You can see a screen shot of it here, if you are so inclined.

It's also good news for me, because it will give L some more time to hang things on the walls in the evenings this week. I'm not allowed to hang things on my own. This is due to a combination of L wanting a say in where things go, and my propensity to injure myself. Last night, while I was digging around for something in the garage, a whole box of fire- starter logs fell on my head. It hurt just a little.

H is sick. I took him to the Dr yesterday (well, actually, to the APN, our Dr had a brain tumor, which was benign thank goodness, but he and his noggin aren't back to the clinic yet) and found out that he had a sinus infection that was moving down to his chest. At least he has moved on to something new. It's usually an ear infection. Anyway, I've got him pumped full of antibiotics and I'm trying to get him all well before I hoist him onto family members. Here he is! He's sick! Have a great week! That wouldn't be nice at all, now would it?

I think L's parents are coming over this weekend to watch him, then my mom will have him all next week. I figure he will be good and spoiled by the time I get back. And that is alright with me. What else are grandparents for?

Lastly, I'm having chest pains. I think I somehow managed to injure a muscle or something. The pain moves around and it hurts when I poke myself in the chest, so that can't be a heart attack, right? Also, it's been going on for a week or so, so I figure if it was really bad I would have keeled over by now.
Blogger shay v. said...
Yeah, they say if you breath in and out and it gets worse or more sharp, it's either muscular or gas. I know, aren't grandparents great?? I only grew up with ONE amazing set but my little one (because of divorce and such) has three different sets! Talk about spoiled!
Here's to keeping my fingers crossed that H is better by the weekend!!