November 30, 2005
Survey Says!
My goodness, what a bunch of goody- two shoes, honest people you are!

You will all be happy to know that we called the people within moments of finding the money. Not because we are so moral, but because we knew the longer we put it off, the more tempted we would be to keep it.

They were happy to receive it, but not as happy as I think most of us would be. They were happy on a scale of finding a $5 in your jacket pocket from last winter. Yeah, that made me think we should have just kept it. =) Oh well, it's just money!

I am in an agony of pain post bodypump. Yes, apparently I didn't even have quadriceps, so they are currently growing in a most excrutiating manner. Too bad I'm not smart enough to put video of myself on here. Then you could all see me walking like Bambi! In lieu of that, I'm headed to the mall to entertain the masses whilst doing my Christmas shopping. I really am a giver!
Blogger R said...
Good move girl. My husband and I found a wallet with several thousand dollars in cash a couple of Christmases ago. (In the Banana Republic clearance bin no less)We returned it. IT about killed us since we were newly wed and dirt poor. But we were raised right. Karma is a beautiful thing. My husband lost his wallet last week at a dept store WITH CHRISTMAS CASH....and you guessed it..we got it all back. There might be something to this "comes around goes around stuff"!