December 6, 2005
Painted Slush
I am sure you are all tired of hearing about my painting woes. I promise to stop it. Eventually...

So I went to ye old paint store this morning with some chunks of my drywall to match colors. I should note that I didn't, in the heat of frustrated painting, rip these chunks from the wall. If I had, I am sure I would be feeling less stressed out now. So anyway, I had the paint store match my colors. It took a freakin' long time with Hatchling playing drums on a couple of gallons of paint with some brushes he found at his level in the store. I am sure I will be welcomed back anytime.

I have now applied my new paint colors. The main areas of the house (where I had the afore mentioned matte/shiny trauma)look pretty good. I can kind of see where I did my thing, but once I have pictures hung and things to distract people from the wild paint escapades happening on my walls, I think all will be well.

The office, well, that is another story. Thank goodness this is a fairly small room. Cause I might have to paint the whole dang thing.

In a late stroke of brilliance, I called the builders who built my house to see if they could direct me to the painters to see if they could tell me what the heck the color of this wall is. Is it tan? Is it grey? I've got nothing here, folks! But I digress. The lovely lady at the builder's office informed me that she would call up the painters and have them drop off some touch- up paint on my front porch. That was almost too easy.

I'm not holding my breath. On the other hand, if they do leave colors that were actually used in the painting of my house, well, that would be great. And I'll only be out like a $100 at Benjamin Moore and have 5 extra cans of paint to add to all the others that don't even match my stinkin' walls! Hooray!!