December 5, 2005
Painting Blues
I've got the painting blues.

Today was supposed to be a day of fun and productive painting. I'm painting our powder room a deep wine color, and it promises to rock. While I had my spackle out, I decided to fill in all the anchor holes the past residents had left. Just to give you an idea of the job facing me, I will share with you that we took out 8 large anchors in the tiny 6x5 powder room. And the previous owners only lived here 5 months. Can you imagine?

After removing another trillion anchors from the kitchen, living room and office, I spackled all the holes up. Then, because perfection is striven for here in SlushVille, if rarely achieved, I applied a texturizer over my spackle to make it look like the rest of the wall texture. It is, sadly, not perfect. However, it is quite a bit better than the spackle alone, and if you weren't looking for the patches, I don't think you would find them.

On to painting! I hauled a 5 gallon bucket of paint left in the garage in and determined that yes, it was the kitchen and living room color of paint. I filled up my nifty new Rubbermaid paint buddy, and I went to town. I didn't just paint my spackled area. No, no, not me. I also got all corners, blemishes and other areas that I thought could use a touch up. Because I rock.

I settled into my recliner with a cool beverage to watch the fruits of my labor dry. Only the drier they got, the more noticeable my spots were! Yes, I had used the wrong color. Apparently, that is the ceiling color, which is just one shade lighter. Great.

Delighted that L was in Vegas gambling away Hatchling's college fund, rather than here to tell me how stupid I am and I ask what I was thinking, I scooped up the baby and darted to Benjamin Moore. He is my friend. Thank goodness the previous owner had told me that the paint was called Lennox Tan! I hurriedly purchased a gallon in the same base as the ceiling, and rushed home to try again.

After once again covering an area the size of New Hampshire, I stood back to look at my work. It was not good. The color was right, most assuredly. However, it appears that while the ceiling paint is flat, that which is on our walls is considerably more, ahem, eggshell. It would also appear that I will once again be heading to the paint store.

I also touched up L's office, and while the paint color is good, it almost looks like I put eggshell on a flat wall. I am hopeful that this is because my spots are not completely dry yet. If this is not the case, we may have to move again. I can't take any more.
Blogger Hillary said...
aaarrggg! So frustrating!!! Hope this latest coat works!