December 7, 2005
Strange Behavior
As you know, my husband is off having fun in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, I am stuck here with my whiney, though winsome, son, and several paint cans.

Whenever L is away I get a little freaky. I stay up all night doing things like cleaning my windows, dusting the baseboards, rearranging cabinets, or redesigning our entire filing system. You know, things I couldn't possibly do during the daylight hours... Oh, and I also plan out what I would do if, God forbid, L was killed in a tragic casino collapse or a plane crash on the way home. To those of you who think is strangely morbid or downright weird, well, you should meet my mother. I come by it honestly.

I'm not sure why I get so strange when left alone. Even before we had the hatchling, I was like this. I mean, I lived alone as a single person without these strange characteristics. They just appeared after marriage. I assume I probably need therapy. I wonder if there is name for this condition? Maybe it's a really rare, previously undiagnosed condition and Jason over at The Reign of Ellen can name it and get rich off of my misfortune. I would like that. Anna's awfully cute and I'm sure she could use a big fat college fund. Isn't it funny how I talk about these people like we hang out. Yep, never met them. Perhaps over- friendliness is also a sign of this new condition I'm creating. What other symptoms can we think of?

So I was wondering, what do you guys do when your spouse is away? Don't be shy! Make me feel better!
Blogger Jason said...
I think I may call this a "husband addiction", and you are currently going through the withdrawl symptoms. LOL

If you are inclined to find a real answer you might ask one of the two below people:

Ask Dr. Dombeck

The Advice Blog:

Maybe I should do a little research and try to develop a new disorder, the extra money would be nice, but I'm sure you could always be fit into the "co-dependent" category. :)

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Oooohhh... Husband addiction. I like that!

I hope that the only way cure is 28 days of "therapy" with my favorite girlfriends at an exclusive spa!

Blogger Jill said...
You are so totally not alone! I do weird stuff when my husband is away, too! He travels fairly often with his job and when he's not here, I guess I don't feel like I "need" to be spending time with him rather than doing things I don't "have time" to do otherwise.

Blogger Erin said...
We can start a Women Who Behave Strangely Without Their Husbands club. My husband travels for about a week every two months or so. I'll stay up late, eat only popcorn for dinner, clean my closet at 2 a.m., sleep on the floor, etc. I swear sometimes he keeps me sane - but he doesn't need to know that!

Blogger Ellen said...
My paranoia sets in. I check every window to make sure it's locked. I check the door locks like twice. I put my cell and the house phone on his pillow, for a quick 911 call. I'm insane, I tell you! Seriously, I used to live alone and not be like this.

Blogger Carbon said...
My husband never leaves for extended periods of time. SHEESH! Maybe I should send him away since I'm missing out on discovering another side of me!!! I could be Jekyl and Hyde and not know it due the other side not getting enough advantages to come out!!! Even worse, What if I'm the Jekyll side NOW and Hyde comes out if hubby were to go away... WOW...that's deep ;-) I think I'm the one who needs therapy :)

Blogger Ms. Mama said...
Like Ellen I get super paranoid! I think about all the crazys out there who could just know my man is away and will break into our home. I have the hardest time falling alseep, especially when our 100 year old home creaks like crazy! Every little sound I jolt awake. My man is gone 3 days next week, I am not looking forward to it. It will be the 1st time since Pumpkin's birth that I am home alone for more than one night. I suspect she will be sleeping in my bed those nights... You know, so I can protect her from those crazys!