January 9, 2006
Go Forth, Tell the Nations...
The potty has been purchased.

I had no intention of my wee hatchling potty training for many months yet. However, he has recently started several behaviors which make me think he might be getting close to ready.

For instance, we were out this weekend when he started digging through his diaper bag and brought me wipes and a diaper. He will also tell you (sometimes) when he is stinky. My favorite thing is the Michael Jackson dance he has started where he grabs his crotch and dances around with a horrible grimace on his face. This is his pee dance. I have no idea where it came from, but he seems to get a kick out of it.

So, I have "Toilet Training In Less Than A Day" in hand, and hope in my heart. You gals got any suggestions?
Blogger Angi said...
I let mine run around the house in just big-boy undies and asked frequently to encourage pit stops. Also, have several onhand in case they're late getting there. And don't make any big deal of it if ther's an accident. Of all the crazy stuff I do, mine's never been scared to change his clothes or have an accident. He never freaked out about it.

Good Luck!

oh, and p.s. mine started his requests for potty time at 18 months adn then really finished it - for daytime at 30 months and is just now starting to wake up at night - at 3.5years... I hope your timeline is quicker! :)

Blogger Carbon said...
Sorry, mine ain't there yet to offer you advice. But, if when you do manage it, let us know cuz I'll need some pointers!

Mine actually runs the other way when she has made a stinky diaper cuz she knows it has to get changed and hates diaper changes. She still kicks me when I'm changing her! GREAT!