January 18, 2006
Late Night
It's 3:07 a.m. as I begin to type, and I've barely been to bed.

The husband and I turned in about 12, but then the boy prince decided to wake up and cough up a lung. I mean, seriously. I've been up with him for the last hour, re- reading The Greedy Python for the 137th time today, checking Elmo's temperature for what has to be an uncomfortable number of times, and using the snot- sucker to clear his airways. Hatchling's that is, not Elmo's.

I believe the boy is finally going to sleep. Poor kid. He has this awful cough. Not an 'I can't breathe cough', just a nice 'there is snot at the back of my throat and maybe, just maybe, if I cough hard enough to gag, I will dislodge it and all my worries will be over'. We've gagged, but the snot is still there.
Blogger Gem said...
Oh, I've been there this past weekend too! Our little guy (2yo) has been all gunked up while his older sis had strep. I took him in yesterday, just praying no strep and no ear infections (he had them every other month his first year). Hallelujah, just a 'flu-like bug' the ped said. A little annoying b/c you can't really give them anything to end it sooner, but at least no infections. Just snot, snot, and more snot!