February 13, 2006
The Elmo Extravaganza

After I lovingly baked Hatchling's Elmo cake on Friday night, I had to decorate it. Now, in preparation for this, I had read through the directions which came with my cake pan in order to have everything on hand that I would need.

Icing- check
Icing tint- check
Spatulas- check
Wax paper- check
Decorators bag- check

I was all ready. I proceeded to step one, with L watching nearby. Step one read something to the effect of this: "Add black coloring to 1/2 cup icing, thinning with 1.5 teaspoons of light corn syrup. Fill in Elmo's mouth and smile lines. "

Ahem. Excuse me. Why on earth would you think that I had 1.5 teaspoons of light corn syrup in my pantry. Did you tell me to buy that? Noooo... Ok then, I don't have it.
I am always so irritated when recipes do this. They list ingredients, then say things like "sprinkle liberally with powdered goats bladder, being sure to add a little salt." And of course, I never have powdered goats bladder on hand when I need it.

So, after a late night run to the new grocery store (the one in front of my old neighborhood, for which I am still pining), I was once again ready to go. With the exception of the purple teeth I was sporting by then end of the job (never lick black icing off of your fingers and think you will get away without being caught), Elmo was ready to go. Here's how he turned out.

Hatchling was pretty excited about the whole business, especially the presents. His favorite presents were a power drill, an Elmo he can take in the bath, and a plastic bat that I am seriously considering applying to his head if he doesn't stop beating my furniture and walls with it (thanks a lot Aunt Daisy...).

Here's a cute pic of Hatchling and my niece. I can only assume that he has just discovered, and shared, the finer nuances of Veggie Tales in this picture.

To sum up, I'm thinking a. those cake decorators really earn their money and b. I'm glad I have a whole year before I have to plan another birthday party!

Blogger shay v. said...
It turned out beautifully! Great... another thing I have to live up to - cake decorating. Thanks, slush... =)
He is absolutely ADORABLE!!! What a doll! Last thing - where did you find a recipe for the Elmo Cake? A tin? I think we're gonna do a Blue's Clues theme and so I'm just curious???

Blogger Angi said...
Excellent job on the cake!!!

Anonymous kassi said...
Wow! great job on the cake! I would totally mess it up.

Blogger Katrina said...
Wow! The cake turned out beautifully! I am officially intimidated by your Martha-Stewartness. I'm so glad the party went well, and after ours on Saturday, I'm with you: glad I don't have to face that for another year!

Blogger Queen of Spain said...

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
Shay- I got a Wilton cake pan in the shape of Elmo at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. The paper that came with it had the decorating instructions. As for the cake... that was just a mix.

Blogger Miss Bad Penny said...
Gosh, you're GOOD!!

I could never make an Elmo cake. I could so foresee myself end up with a mess of red stuff.

Your kid is sooooo lucky!!

Blogger auntdaisy said...
Oh my Slush...I knew I shouldn't have gotten the bat but it was so cute and I hear he loves it quite well...aunts are like that you know hehehehehe Hatchling go for it!!! :) hehehehe

Blogger mom tu-tu said...
Great job on the cake! My son had an Elmo birthday party last weekend, but I'm not as brave as you are and I did cupcakes with candy elmo faces!