March 20, 2006
I Can't Escape The Emotional Rollercoaster
Unofficially, our lot is sold.

We don't have a contract yet, as the buyer is on his way back home from a trip, but he wants to sign one this week and close within 14 days. I'd say he is pretty serious.

And you know what? I'm excited. We jacked the price up a significant amount, and our profits will cover about 3/4 of our adoption costs! Woohoo!

How amazing to watch God provide financially for our adoption when in reality, there was no way we could afford to make a decision like this. I feel like God wanted us to make the commitment, not knowing where the money would come from, and then He stepped in and provided from nowhere. At the time we decided to adopt, our lot was already sold for a much smaller price, which would have left nothing over what was already financially committed. The contract fell through, and that is when we decided to up the price. Wow.

For now, we are leaving our house on the market. There are a couple of houses in our old neighborhood* that we think we would be happy in, and they are a lot less expensive than the one we live in now. L said he would leave the house on the market until about October as long as interest rates don't go up too much. What a sweet man I am married to.

I feel sure that this house will sell. It will really be God's will, because the market is glutted with houses in this price range right now, but I just feel like it's the right thing for us to do.

*Talk about a lesson in humility!!! The main house we are considering was being built before we moved out of the neighborhood, and we walked by it frequently during its construction. Every time we walked by it, I mocked a certain feature (a window that had been rocked in for some really strange reason) relentlessly. I wonder if a whole gaggle of folks up in heaven were kicked back just laughing, knowing that it wouldn't be too long before I was praying that I would get to move there. See, that's why I should try to be a nicer person!
Blogger lawyerchik said...
"make the commitment, not knowing where the money would come from, and then He stepped in and provided from nowhere"

That's exactly what He does!! My mom says the same exact thing!

Awesome news, though!! Congratulations!! :)

Blogger Hillary said...
go slu-sh, go slu-sh, go, go, go slu-ush!

(That's my imitation of a cheelrelader, can ya tell? Hee hee!) Well I guess it should read be "go GOD!"

Yay! That's super exciting news! I'm so glad to hear that God is continuting to provide for your adoption! Wheeeeee! *claps hands together with a big grin on face*

Blogger Amy said...
God shows us His plan one way or another, doesn't He? You're right, we're supposed to have faith and move forward knowing He will find a way to open the right doors and provide the right resources.

I'm battling, too, with the fact that we have what feels like so much when so many have nothing.

I am so excited for you!

Anonymous kassi said...
Isn't it crazy-wonderful how God clicks things into place for us, even when we are angsting about them? Praise!

Blogger auntdaisy said...
Oh Tink, I am so happy for you all!!!! and I can't wait to hold that little one when we get him or her!!! I need to come see Fledgling soon, I miss him!