March 14, 2006
I Kid You Not
Hatchling's new favorite television show is Magnum, P.I.

We started watching the 1st season DVD's when he was but a wee thing, and he always perked up at the opening music.

These days, he stands at your feet and chants "Magnum, Magnum, Magnum," which sounds closer to banana than it does Magnum, until you finally give in and turn on some Magnum. During a commercial break, his litany continues until you fast- forward and get Magnum back on the screen.

He's out of control.

I'm trying to teach him to say "Hawaii" when I ask him where Magnum lives, which I then plan to have him turn into "Daddy, will you take me to Hawaii?" because I am sure that his cuteness will be impossible to resist. It's true, I'm brilliant.
Anonymous kassi said...
Nice plan, that is how I ended up in Hawaii for 3 years. Well...not really. But it would have been a good story.

Blogger Miss Bad Penny said...
Great plan!!

Okay, now I have one more pro of being a mom - can use the kid to get what I want!!

Blogger shay v. said...
you ARE brilliant! Genius, i say, Genius! Oh, and i think it's both hilarious AND adorable that he loves Magnum PI...I loved it, a child...oh sooooo many years ago, now....
okay, now I'm depressed... =)