April 19, 2006
On The Phone With Hatchling
"Hello, Diaper?

Uh- huh. Yaschamodo whenaa Elmowho? I know... I know!

O-Kay! Bye-bye, diaper! Bye-bye."

I can only assume that his diaper now calls when it needs to be changed. How very accommodating...
Anonymous kassi said...
Do they make those in a size 36 mens boxer briefs?

Blogger Angi said...
ROFL!!! That's too cute! :)

Blogger Amy said...
awww!! Too cute!!!

P.S. I don't mean to pry, but you had a lot on your plate last week with a deadline of the 18th or something (unless I'm just making this up) - how did it all turn out? I hope all is well in Slushland!

Blogger shay v. said...
tooooo cute! When we gonna hear more about what's going on with "everything"?
Oh, and you've been tagged. See my latest post if you wanna play along!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Blogger Hillary said...
ew, you got spammed!

Hatchling is sooo cute! But even more impressive is the fact that you got those words down in type! You must be a pro at hatchling-speak! :)

Blogger Jen said...
Oh that's too funny!! I have a 2 y/o who has some interesting phone conversations..but never with his diaper!! Too cute!