April 5, 2006
Spring Cleaning
Spring is here. As always, its arrival is accompanied by an incredibly strong desire to get rid of stuff. I want to throw out clothes, old beauty products, and most of the crap accumulated in my attic.

Unfortunately, L doesn't have any trips planned. His absence is all I need to bring on a real freak-fest.
Blogger Angi said...
I'm with you!! My SIL is going through her house and tossing/selling/whatever 1/2 of EVERYthing. Started with the videos, the kids' dress up clothes, their real clothes, sheets, etc... 1/2. I'm so envious. Not sure I can go that far but I SO WANT TO. I am starting on at least the clutter that isn't used :) Although... I did find that I have 9 crib sheets... now seriously, unless your child is constantly spitting up or doing other bodily functions all over their bed, do you really need 9 sheets!?!? Maybe that's a place to start. :) Best of Luck! Clean it :)

Blogger Carbon said...
I actually started a few weeks back. Really slow process there though cuz with 2 kids and hubby that's absent, it's not very easy.

I've went thru books and tossed and sold some. I cleaned out one of my closets and got my hubby to organize another with shelves. I LOVE IT. Move over Martha Stewart!

Freak-on Slush :) freak-fest 2006!!!

Anonymous kassi said...
I love Spring Cleaning. But I did it early this year...except for the clothes part. So, I have little left to "clear out". I think I am going to seriously go through the clothes next week. We have too many...because I could really deal with doing less laundry. :)