May 3, 2006
Are you getting tired of me?
I realize that my posts haven't been very interesting of late. That's what happens when I'm busy freaking out about everything. Guess what? Still freaking out.

Big surprise.

Dude finally called us back tonight and made a ridiculously low offer. L told him what our bottom line was, and he is supposed to call us back tomorrow. Based on his past performance, I assume that means we can expect to hear from him on Saturday? Who knows!

It's God's money, I know I have to let Him work it out. But of course, that is easier to say than to actually do. I am sure I will spend the time between now and 'the call' alternately praying, not worrying, and curling up on the floor in the fetal position. Maybe I need a therapy buddy...

I did email our adoption agency today, and we can expect to hear something by the end of next week. That's fine. I just needed to know what to prepare myself for. See, I can be calm!

Hey! Have you heard the one where Hatchling repeatedly bangs his 7-month old cousin over the head with a plastic bat? A rollicking good time was not had by all involved parties!

And now, I must drag my weary (and somewhat wearisome) bones to bed. Morning always seems to come too quickly (especially now that my sister is dropping off her progeny before my preferred wake-up time of not before 830!).
Blogger Amy said...
Everything will be okaaaaayyyy...that therapy doll still cracks us up over here. And the fact that the dude was so serious about it being a logical therapy tool for adults!!

Hang in there. I don't have any patience whatsoever so I can relate to just wanting to know NOW!! I just want to prepare and move on.

Have a great Thursday!

Blogger Holly said...
Don't be silly - I'm not getting tired of you and infact check in for updates on your blog daily. I wish you all the luck with everything.
Have a wonderful day!

Blogger Amber said...
Could you pass some of the humor onto me? I could sure use some of it dealing with not-so-pleasant situations.
I like your blog. It makes me smile. :) And these days, smiles are hard for me to come by.

Blogger Carbon said...
That therapy doll is scary. I don't care how many celebrities have hugged it. Wowsers.

Blogger auntdaisy said...
I could never get tired of reading your lovely stories my "tink"..I think they are wonderful..wish I had your talents..:) love ya

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Getting tired of you? Are you kidding with this? :)

You're a delight. I love just dropping by to see how things are going in Slushville, and if there is nothing more exciting going on than just waiting and expressing honest emotion about the waiting process, that's fine by me.

Life is not just about exciting moments; it's sharing the moments you have with people you care about and who care about you!!

Good luck with the wanker!! :)