May 4, 2006
The Call of the Wild, er, I mean Wanker...
Well, the man who has been looking at our house called tonight and "came up" to 30k less than our asking price. Wanker. I'm feeling rather bruised by this whole week of emotional rollercoasting, and between the house and PMS, I am in some serious need of chocolate chip cookies this weekend. I might eat a whole package by myself.

Don't you think wanker is a funny, and much under-used, word? I believe this brings Slush's list of under-used words to two (the other being bodice). If you can weave those both into the same sentence, well, you just might have a viable future in romantic fiction. I believe it is a very lucrative profession, so if I inspire your NY Times Bestselling future, remember us little people, OK?

As a consolation prize for not selling our house, L and I got new cell phones tonight. We actually have some pretty slick phones, which also run Windows and do all kinds of fancy-schmancy stuff we don't need them to do. Our phones don't, however, get great reception. We downgraded to a pair of Motorola Razrs, which not only get great reception, but are also just freakin' cool. I'm quite tempted to download a Nelly ring-tone.

L got a black one and I came very close to the pink, but then I pictured myself in my razorback red velour jogging suit (you didn't see that coming, now did you?) next winter, and I knew that I would be asking L to trade phones with me so I wouldn't clash. Considering that L isn't too happy about me wearing pink, let alone him doing so, I knew this was a lot to ask. In the interest of continued marital harmony, I went with the silver. Always go classic, not trendy (that mantra is why all of my clothes are so boring).
Blogger lawyerchik said...
Congratulations on the new phones! I just upgraded to a (nokia 1100 - I live in a technology desert), and it's fun to have new toys to play with! Go ahead and download what you like - and even more fun: assign a special ringtone to people who call you most!!