May 16, 2006
A Contest! Yippee!
Now that we are well on our way to adopting, L and I have been thinking a lot about baby names. We need some serious help.

We think we're going to keep the baby's birth name and use it as a middle name. However, we would like to give him his first name. That way, when he grows up he can use his first (more American sounding) name, or his middle (Latino) name. It's good to have options. (and please, don't tell me all about how Latino names are "American" sounding, too. I know that. And you know what I meant.)

With Hatchling, we knew what his name was going to be before he was even conceived. Sadly, we've never come up with another good boy name that we both agreed on (or a girl name, for that matter). We do both like Noah, but we just aren't sold on it. Please help us come up with a name so we can stop calling our baby Julio!

The rules of the contest? They are pretty lax. It needs to be multi-syllabic (we have a one syllable last name). We like Bible names, but non-Bible ones are OK too. That's about it.

You're prize for naming our child? Ummm, how about personal satisfaction?
Blogger Amy said...
I know exactly how you feel about names, I had my girl name long before I was pregnant, the boy name came when I realized during the pregnancy that this child might in fact be MALE! Anyway, I can't help you name YOUR child, I just think it's somehow a personal thing, but I was partial to Caleb when LM was born. Turns out a "Caleb" beat up my ex when he was in third grade and he wasn't so fond of the name.

Blogger Amber said...
Ooohh Fun Slushy!! Ok, I know you won't post this, but if you felt like emailing me your last name and hatchling's name, that'd be great!! I'm ALL ABOUT the names sounding right. I'm like you, multi-syllabic.

Anyway, here are a few for ya. Again, this is without knowing your last name, etc.

I LOVE Caleb, but it has become WAYYYY too popular for me.
Aaron (my son's name, which I LOVE btw)

Ok, that's enough for now.
Good luck!!

Blogger auntdaisy said...
Oh I do so love contests! :) ok here i go..:

Edward (that way if it is Julio then it is Edward Julio .....)

Benjamin (that way if it is Benjamin Jesus ......)call him Ben for short..hehehe

I love good solid names for our babies!! hehehe

Anonymous kassi said...
Here are some of my personal faves:


I am leaving out the name I have already chosen for my future unborn son. I'm selfish like that.

Blogger SlushTurtle said...
A- send me your email address to

Kassi- that is so mean! I would never steal your name. Ok, that's a blatant lie. =)

I love Jacob, but my SIL had to go and have a child by a Jake, who she now hates, so L says no to that name.

Keep up the good work!

Blogger Hillary said...
I totally love the name Jacob, too. As a teacher, I've never met a Jacob I didn't like. It's funny, there are some names that are just ones to avoid for me, for the same (er, well, the opposite) reason.

But Jacob? I'm all over that one.

Hmm... what else? I like Joshua, too, I think. My best friend and her hubby names their son Mattias, and I wasn't crazy about it at first, but now I love it. Mattias Julio. Hmmm...

You should name him Francois, given your love the the French! ;)

Blogger Carbon said...
I like Noah too.


Good luck! It's sooo hard.

Anonymous kassi said...
Christian is a good will go with any middle name.

Joshua is nice as well. But I am still not giving up the name I've chosen.

I am fond of solid "male" names. Like George as well.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
It probably will depend on his given name because some names just don't go with others, but I've always like "Thomas" and "Michael" for boy's names. The other names suggested are good, too.

Of course, if you go with "Thomas", he may have to put up with train comparisons for the rest of his school year, but there are worse things in life!! ;)

You'll find one that looks like him, though, and it may not be any of the ones suggested. Good luck!!

Anonymous kassi said...
You could name him Lolly Lolly Picklepants.

Just a suggestion...

Blogger Miss Bad Penny said...
Naming a child is hard. One of the parents told me that she had been calling her boy (Dad's name) Junior until he was 5, so she could really name her boy according to his nature/style. How's that??

And here are names of my very favorite students...


Last time I named my nephew Jeffrey because I had a gut feeling that he WAS a Jeffrey. How weird is that??