May 23, 2006
I'd just like to say "Good job Wisconsin. Good job."
Wisconsin has enacted the following laws-
  • Paroled child molesters must wear a GPS tracking device for at least 20 years.
  • Warnings will be issued if the offender gets too close to a school, park or other place frequented by children.
  • 25-year mandatory sentence for 1st degree sexual assault on a child.

Rock on with your cheese-lovin self.

Blogger Hillary said...
WOW! That's amazing! Yay Wiscaansin :)

Blogger Katrina said...
Agreed. I think we are seeing men struggle with this in epic numbers, thanks in part to easy accessibility to pornographic material and victim information online, as well as the heightened sexual climate of our culture.

I wish legislation didn't have to be our front line defense for our kids, but I guess that's the way it is. We have to protect children at all costs.

Blogger shay v. said...

Blogger Karen said...
Yay, Wisconsin!

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Nice job, Cheeseheads! I'd add kudos to NBC's Dateline, too - have you guys seen their series on "To Catch a Predator?" Awesome work!!

Blogger Carbon said...
Good. I don't believe those offenders can be rehabilitated so something has to change since the law can't keep them behind bars forever.