May 29, 2006
The Week Ahead
This week, I get to call all of our utility providers and try to get them to turn on our new utilities without turning off our old utilities after we close on the new house (which will occur a week from Friday, if all goes well). Also, I get to go to at least one office to put down a deposit, whilst my son throws himself on the floor and demands to leave, and then will not leave, while I simultaneously hoist the heavy carseat containing my niece and drag my son, hoping not to dislocate his arm since he has gone limp with angst. I can only hope that this scenario is contained to one office.

On Saturday, our social workers are driving up to meet us, take a look at our current and new house, and presumably to make sure we don't beat and/or neglect Hatchling. Naturally, I will be cleaning frantically and fanatically, because we all know that this is how I deal with things. Of course, none of this will matter, as Hatchling will immediately throw himself at the feet of our social workers and declare that no, he does not want a little brother, and no, he does not love his mommy and daddy. Also, can he have some yogurt? He really likes yogurt.

On top of my cleaning, I will begin to pack all of the things which are currently out of sight (I'm leaving all the pretties up until after the home visit). After Saturday, major packing will commence. I'm not excited about packing. Having just moved back in October, I'm all too aware of the suckage involved.

And to people (like myself, until recently) who think that adoption is so much easier than pregnancy, I say "ha, ha, haaaaa!" Instead of having lots of sex (sorry, Mom), I get to go to multiple agencies for fingerprints, background checks, birth and marriage certificates, financial statements, employment verifications, medical letters, passport copies, witness statements about my moral character, and various other statements, most of which must be notarized, then sent the to the Secretary of State for verification, and then sent to the Guatemalan Consulate for certification, and finally sent on to Guatemala so they can be translated and our adoption can actually take place. So yeah, the old fashioned way would be much more fun. However, I am sure that it will all be totally worth it when we get our sweet baby placed in our arms for the first time. I hope he likes me.
Anonymous kassi said...
It is a shame that the same precautions aren't made for people who have children of their own.

Blogger lawyerchik said...
Ditto to what Kassi said. And the home visit may not be that big a deal. I had to supervise one once for a client, and although they were a little on the dimmer side of brightness, they weren't evil, overly scrutinizing people. You'll be fine. (Hatchling paid me to say this, but if you give him the yogurt when the social workers arrive, he will be distracted enough during the visit that he won't make much trouble.) :) Good luck!!

Blogger Amy said...
How could you not pass a home visit? And how could any baby that you put that much effort into getting not LOVE you!?

I had a friend who was a social worker who went into homes to approve for fostering and she said more times than not she actually ended up taking their real children because the homes were such a hazard! HAVE NO FEAR!! You are miles and miles above the average!

(Prayers are with you!)

Blogger Carbon said...
I'm sure your new son will grow to love you as much as you will grow to love him. You have a lot of love, so it will happen.

Happy cleaning. Don't worry. It will be just fine.

Anonymous kassi said...
So as long as you don't tell them that you are going to name him Lolly Lolly Picklepants, you'll be just fine.

Blogger Amber said...
Ahhh, yes. The lovely "throwing a fit while mom is running errands" outing. I know them all too well.

Why are you moving so soon? I remember your new house pics you posted back in Oct, they were lovely, by the way. Any new house pics again?

Blogger shay v. said...
Oh, Slush!! He'll LOVE you!! He is SO wanted and he will know that immediately!

Oy vey... you KNOW our toddlers love to embarrass us at JUST the "right" moments. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Hatchling will be a good boy or that you have a lenient case worker! You're gonna pass with FLYING colors!!!

Anonymous Alicia McDuffie said...
Hi Slush,

I am adopting a little boy from Guatemala too!!! Check out my website. Feel free to email me with any questions you might have. I'd love to share my experience.